The idea behind famPLUS



Operational family policy is demonstrable useful. This benefit is measurable in the key performance indicators.

The positive benefit from the operational family awareness is a reduce of the disease rate of the persons who terminate their contracts by themselves. Also vacancies are filled again faster.    




When we are talking about compatibility between job and private life, we have have tree fundamental aspects:

  • Money or financial status
  • time
  • Infrastructure

famPLUS as an infrastructure element may help here

Our aim as a social company is to relieve throughout Germany employed people in the childcare, the eldercare, the household and the psychosocial sector. This we realize through exact information, individual counselling and agency.

Our service is open to all employees from our customers. Our cooperating concerns are leading companies and employers in Germany. Throughout Germany we serve about 550 thousand employees.

If you are interested in our service for your company, please contact us. We show you our offers non-binding and we will check if our offer is fitting to your needs and the needs of your employees.