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Nowadays we come across the term "demographic change" more and more often. This is often associated with the word dementia. Today, 1.5 million people in Germany alone live with dementia. In a society as we know it today, the number of people suffering from dementia will increase and even double by 2050.

More than two thirds of all dementia patients are cared for and accompanied by their relatives. They often face great challenges in dealing with the disease and the associated changes and uncertainties. They have to weigh up which activities the person affected can do themselves and which tasks require assistance from outside.

Experience what makes life so difficult for people with dementia.

Make the self-experience in the famPLUS dementia course

famPLUS Demenz Parcours

The Dementia Trail

  • Experience sensitisation for a better understanding of people with dementia
  • Be confronted with difficulties that can arise in the everyday life of those affected
  • Learn about the symptoms of dementia

Gain insight into the emotional world of people with dementia by...

  • experiencing your own limits
  • feeling discomfort
  • experiencing your own incapacity

This leads to negative feelings, as people with dementia experience them every day. The course can help you to better understand the behaviour and feelings of others.

The course

Feel the disease and its symptoms through seven everyday situations. From getting dressed in the morning to having dinner, people who do not have dementia can experience the challenges people with dementia face.

1. breakfast
2. getting dressed
3. lunch
4. driving
5. in town
6. housework
7. at the end of the day

Let us push you to your limits and book the famPLUS dementia course for

  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Public events
  • Action days, fairs & conferences
  • Trainings
  • Health days

Questions and registration for the course

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