Offer Eldercare

famPLUS Eldercare Consultation offers specialist consultation and assistance in all areas of care. Whether it be pre-emptive or in response to an already existing care situation or sudden event, you will be given advice quickly and, according to individual requirements, also supported with your Case Management. We ascertain your individual care requirements through our Case Management approach, in order to create an individual care plan that makes the care of the person concerned as effective and smooth as possible.   

We advise and support you with:

  • The organisation of care
  • The benefits of care insurance and assessing the nursing degree needed
  • Rejecting/ contradicting an assessment.
  • Grants and financing assistance
  • Severe disability
  • Possible forms of care and living arrangements.
  • Patient decrees and power of attorney
  • Maintenance obligations/ parental maintenance
  • Opportunities for care-giving relatives to relieve the burden
  • Training and self-help opportunities
  • As well as individual solutions according to the needs of you or your relatives.

The consultation, your personal details and any documents will be kept confidential. No personal information or confidential information will be passed on to third parties without permission.