Offer Childcare

Emergency Childcare

We will gladly support you if you should need an emergency childcare solution. In the following situations you can contact either us or our cooperation partners directly:

  • When your regular day care daycare (kindergarten, school or childminder) is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances
  • When your child is ill- provided that they don’t have an acute and contagious illness, rather during their convalescence after an illness (for example scarlet fever or chickenpox)
  • If one of the parents is ill
  • In the case of unforeseen work commitments outside of regular childcare  (unscheduled work assignments or unforeseen/unavoidable business travel)


Hired grandparents as regular “emergency” childcare.

If you find yourselves regularly needing emergency childcare, we recommend that you use our service to find a Leihoma/-opa (hired grandparent). After a period of familiarization this is often accepted better by children, particularly those under three years old. In this case, a period of familiarization is advised for developmental-psychological reasons. The disadvantage to Leihomas/-opas is the 4 to 6 weeks lead-time it takes to select a suitable person for your family, in close consultation with you about your individual requirements. Please contact us!


Back-up places in one of our cooperating day care centres

For back-up places (on a by-the-day basis) in a day care centre, we work together with Villa Luna, KITA Kinderzimmer, and the Kunterbunt children’s centres.
The lead-time here takes 1 day. Please contact us!