Offer Childcare

Babysitters are (young) adults, with big hearts and lots of experience in the field of childcare. Babysitters are a great solution as an addition to existing childcare (such as daycare centers, after school care clubs). Babysitters often either study a subject related to teaching, have educational training or have relevant experience through au-pairing or youth work. They have verified these experiences with famPLUS and the evidence of this is recorded in their profiles.

The cost of hiring a babysitter is around 12-14 euros per hour, and will vary slightly depending on the individual case.

Babysitters are a good solution when you want your children to be looked after in your own home. Babysitters work 10 hours or less. The main focus of a babysitter’s work is looking after the children, although other tasks such as collecting and dropping off the children or small household tasks may be arranged on an individual basis. Babysitters can earn up to 450 euros without paying high taxes and insurance.