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Reliable support with the search for high quality childcare

The ultimate objective of famPLUS is the quality of the childcare solutions that we recommend. For this reason, all childcare providers undergo a multistage review process. All our providers must fill in our extensive questionnaire, which was developed by childcare-experts to cover all quality related characteristics. In addition to this, we require the submission of certain relevant documents, namely a criminal record check as well as childcare licence, references, training certificates etc. if applicable. We also carry out an interview either in person or via telephone. The suitability of the childcare providers is checked by famPLUS’s own team of pedagogues.

There is a member of the famPLUS team responsible for each region, who advises parents and supports their search for an individual childcare solution.




Kinderfrauen/-betreuer or Nannies are adults who hold children close to their hearts and look after children in the family home on either a full-time or part-time basis. Nannies look after children either in the morning instead of a daycare centre or in the afternoon in addition to a daycare centre. Nannies often have their own children who have already grown up and therefore they have a lot of experience with childcare. They have verified these different experiences with famPLUS and the evidence of this is recorded in their profiles.

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Babysitters are (young) adults, with big hearts and lots of experience in the field of childcare. Babysitters are a great solution as an addition to existing childcare (such as daycare centers, after school care clubs). Babysitters often either study a subject related to teaching, have educational training or have relevant experience through au-pairing or youth work. They have verified these experiences with famPLUS and the evidence of this is recorded in their profiles.

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The German terms “Leihoma” and “Leihopa” can be translated as hired grandmother or grandfather. Hired grandparents can become caring and experienced familiar figures for the children that they look after. They tend to have their working life behind them and are therefore very flexible with their time. Often, they aren’t looking for full-time employment but would like to look after children for a few hours in the week. The big advantage of hired grandparents is that they are available during the day and therefore are ideal at providing care at short notice!

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Emergency Care

Emergency Childcare

We will gladly support you if you should need an emergency childcare solution. In the following situations you can contact either us or our cooperation partners directly:

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We offer support with an individual search, meaning we support you with the search for a suitable holiday program in your area and inform you about free places, costs and the registration process. The second step is for you to register your child – we have no influence over the allocation of places.

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Au Pair

Unlike babysitters or day care centres, above all au pair airs offer flexibility, since they are able to work at very short notice. Also, their assistance in the household relieves some of the stresses of everyday family life. If you are interested in hosting an au pair, please make an enquiry or contact us by telephone.

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Kitas, Kindergärten, Einrichtungen, ...

Kitas, Kindergärten, Einrichtungen… there are lots of different terms for daycare centres in Germany! Here is a short explanation of what they mean.

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Tagesmutter/-vater & Großtagespflegestellen

The terms Tagesmutter (female) and Tagesvater (male) can be translated in English as childminder or in-home day-care provider. We only recommend childminders who have a valid Pflegeerlaubnis (childcare licence). These are also listed with the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) and to some extent with the Tagespflegeverein association (Tageseltern association) or the like in the region.

Important: if you are looking for a Tagesmutter/-vater place you should begin your search at least six months before you need it!

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